Write your name in Quenya Elvish (accurately)

7 thoughts on “Write your name in Quenya Elvish (accurately)”

  1. Hi there! I think I have the names written correctly, but I just want to double check. My parents are getting a tattoo each of our names in Elvish, so it’s vital that the translation is correct. We’ve used https://www.jenshansen.com/pages/online-english-to-elvish-engraving-translator which seems pretty legit, but when I entered Rachel (one of your examples) it came up with different tehtar and a different middle symbol. Would you be able to provide any assistance?


    1. Of course, Teddy. Are you looking to write the names in Quenya Tengwar (high Elvish script), Sindarin Tengwar (common Elvish script), or Black Speech Tengwar (an ancient mode of writing most commonly identified in its inscription on the One Ring)?

      This is the main difference between jenshanson.com and my site; I am writing in modern Quenya Tengwar, whereas Jens Hansen write in Black Speech Tengwar (which, at first glance, violates several interpolated rules of Black Speech Tengwar. i.e., it’s not to be trusted…)


  2. Is there a way to show possessions such as the apostrophe. Like how in English one may say “The child’s toy” with the apostrophe indicating that the toy belongs to the child?

    Also the same goes for contractions (but those can easily be avoided)


  3. Also, how would you put down an ‘ed’ suffix as in ‘Pierced’ or ‘walked’ as it doesn’t appear that theirs a sound or symbol for the letter ‘d’


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